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Whole Tree Care

Arboriculture is the art and science of tree care. It looks at the internal processes of trees and how they should be cared for accordingly. Modern arboriculture is about new and better ways to help trees stay healthy, safe and attractive. We provide an eco-friendly, artistic approach to expert tree care combining art, education and conservation using cutting edge tools and technology. We use our forestry and horticulture backgrounds to provide our customers with personalized care of their trees. Our holistic approach considers the life of the tree from the correct choice planting, the health and structure of the tree, to the sustainable use of wood products. All of our work is performed by Certified Arborists in accordance with industry standard (ANSI A-300) tree pruning guidelines.

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About Us

Jason Messer has been taking care of trees in Portland since 1994. Jason has an AA in Forestry and has completed a Forestry internship in Germany. He began his professional career at the Hoyt Arboretum and began to work for mentor Stephen Peacock at Peacock tree preservation. In 2001 Jason started his own company.