Discover Ways to Repurpose Wood

Build custom furniture by scheduling log salvage service in Portland, OR

If you've been thinking about a fun DIY furniture project but don't know where to get your materials, consult an arborist at Madrone Modern Arboriculture. We offer log salvage service to repurpose wood. Count on us to make use of quality wood so that you can turn it into something you enjoy.

When a valuable tree is cut down, we'll salvage the logs and mill them down to be reused. Log salvaging is a much better way to reuse old wood than burning it in your fireplace. When you take advantage of our log salvage service, you can create custom furniture pieces like:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Countertops
  • Bed frames
  • Shelves

Start your furniture project with high-quality wood. Call 503-288-4902 today to make a log salvaging appointment in Portland, OR.

Log salvaging benefits the environment

Log salvaging benefits the environment

Opting for log salvage service to find the materials for your project benefits you and the environment. Often times, tree remnants are burned and release more carbon back into the atmosphere. Repurposing old wood helps reduce carbon emissions and gives you plenty of materials to work with for your project.

Improve the environment while creating custom wood furniture. Find a log salvage service in Portland, OR today.