What is Urban Salvage?

The City of Portland's urban forest is her asset; diverse in species and stratified in age. As preservation arborists we do our best to keep trees standing in your landscape. As stewards of the urban forest we care for trees in all stages of their life, from choosing nursery stock through removal and salvage.

When a tree is prescribed to be removed, owners ask, "what's to become of all this wood?". Typically, "that which does not fit through the chipper shall be cut into firewood."

At Madrone Modern Arboriculture we respect the sentiment that you have for your trees and understand that you may want something more to become of your investment. We have the skills required to help you plan a removal and salvage, and the tools needed to cut your log to suit.

To receive more information, please consider filling out our log salvage questionnaire, or contact Gerald.

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