Prep for Backyard Construction Properly

Locate deep roots by arranging for root mapping service in Portland, OR

If you're planning on building a backyard addition, it's important to be aware of any tree roots that could affect construction. A certified arborist can help you prepare for your project by providing tree root pruning or root mapping service.

Madrone Modern Arboriculture will cater to your tree needs, starting at their roots. When you hire us for tree root mapping service, we will:

  • Use an effective airspade tool to remove soil without harming the roots
  • Identify where roots exist before you begin building
  • Remove soil and create a useful map of the roots
  • Improve the root zone by aerating the soil
  • Add nutrients and apply organic fertilizer

Don't run into a tree root during the middle of a project. Contact Madrone Modern Arboriculture now to schedule tree root mapping service in Portland, OR.

Save stunted trees with corrective root pruning

Does a tree you planted seem to not grow? Improper planting can lead to poor root formation. Tree root prunning can be necessary when a tree is suffering from poor planting or is being transplanted. Trees that are planted improperly can languish and die if girdling roots are not dealt with. Making sure that roots are propery treated during transplant is critical to ensuring your tree adapts to it's new environment.

Relocate your trees successfully with careful tree root pruning in Portland, OR. We tackle residential and commercial projects.