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We prepare arborist reports!

Our ISA Certified Arborist consultant service includes but is not limited to: Tree Preservation Plans, Tree Risk Assessment, and preparing city documents.

Protect the Health of Your Trees

Discover what an experienced arborist can do for your trees in Portland, OR

Trees are a natural beauty that enhance our lives, homes and even our health. In order to sustain their vitality and support their growth, we must give them the proper care they require to thrive. If you like your trees and want to keep them around for as long as possible, find an experienced arborist who can provide them with routine tree service. Madrone Modern Arboriculture in Portland, OR is a company you can trust to care for your trees.

Keep your trees growing strong with proper tree service. Hire a knowledgeable arborist in Portland, OR today to enjoy healthy, happy trees.

An artistic approach to tree care

At Madrone Modern Arboriculture, we know trees. We have over 30 years of experience analyzing tree life and providing proper care with a holistic approach. Our background is in forestry and horticulture, we use cutting- edge techniques to provide the best tree service possible.

When you're not sure which tree service you need, call us. Jason & Brenden are highly skilled at making educated decisions that will benefit your tree's life. Our tree services include:

Rely on an experienced arborist for tree planning and pruning work in Portland, OR.

We salvage wood for repurposing

As artistic arborists, we specialize in wood salvaging. We take leftover logs, mill them and repurpose them for custom furniture and other specialty products.

If you think leftover wood is junk, think again. It can be used to create a lot of different things. If you're interested in building custom furniture, contact us today to learn more about our salvaged wood.

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