Specialty and Sculptural Pruning: Aesthetic pruning to emphasize the natural architecture of specimen trees and shrubs. Corrective and structural pruning of trees and shrubs that have been damaged from storms, improperly pruned or neglected in the past.

Crown Cleaning and Thinning: Removing dangerous deadwood, hanging branches and stubs. Pruning branches and foliage to reduce weight and wind resistance.

Removals: Dead, diseased and hazardous trees safely and efficiently removed. Salvageable wood is recovered for sustainable use in wood products.

Milling & Vacuum Press Kiln Drying: Short-term turn around of salvaged wood to be used in construction and woodworking projects.

Mulching and Soil Treatments: Emphasizing proper choice of mulch and method of application to ensure the health of the tree. Treatments with a beneficial root fungus and root stimulant, mycorrhizae, aiding in water and nutrient absorption and helping to protect against certain root diseases.

Consulting and Diagnosis On-site representation for the homeowner during utility line clearance. Tree preservation planning and supervision for construction sites.